A few years ago you must have heard the term multi-tasking. Every manager I spoke with mentioned their employees multi-tasking and making a difference.

The concept sounds great when you can manage to do two meaningfulĀ tasks at the same time. I believe this idea has diminished.

I am not saying it can not be done, what I am saying is I would rather you focus on one task at a time to be most successful. Here are a couple examples of why:

  • Have you ever had to stop walking to think?
  • Have you ever quit chewing bubble gum so you could hear?
  • Have you ever pulled off the road so you could take a phone call?
  • Do you listen to motivational CD’s/MP3 players and work out (how can you write down what you want to remember)?
  • How about running on a treadmill and reading?

We could go on and on about those simple tasks you cannot focus on and do another task at the same time and ultimately be successful.

If you worked for me I want your focus on the tasks one at a time. Think about filing and answering the phone at the same time. Two separate tasks, neither overwhelming. What happens when the phone rings and you have files in your hand. You have to put one task to the side to complete the other.

It is a great concept.

For those multi-tasker’s out there send me a note of successful multi-tasking you have been involved with. I am sure there are things I have not mentioned.

For today I guess I could walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.