Working in the Auto Industry for the past thirty-years I have always found it funny that each dealership had a claim to fame, or a perceived identity.  Every single dealership wanted to be known as the best at something.

These dealerships would measure themselves against anyone or anything in order to claim their high status as number one at anything.

One dealership claimed to be the highest sales volume while the next would claim to be the best customer service and another would brag on their service. These dealers would mark territories and stake claim for the state, and another would claim the nation, while another smaller dealer would claim their county, although they were the only dealer in that county.

We can look in the mirror and say the same thing. Each one of us have individual gifts, talents and skills making us unique. Each of us have the ability to claim we are number one at something.

Not all of us are going to be a professional soccer player, dancer, runner or any other athlete.  Your talent or skill may be singing, video games, computers or soft skills involving people and interaction. The truth is the list is endless.

  1. A skill is a learned power of doing something or a mastery of something.
  2. A talent is special athletic, creative, or artistic aptitude.
  3. A gift is to endow with some power, quality or attribute.

I believe most people enjoy working in their talents, using skills they have developed.

Are you working to best utilize who you are by working in your passion using all that you have? If you are the road to progress will seem easier along the way. Keep moving forward.

What are you number one at?

Thanks for joining me today.