So that I am clear my mountain or goal is to become a successful independent speaker, author, coach.

I am going to talk about moving a mountain in relation to the work it will take.

I believe moving a mountain would be easier at times then trying to reach my goal. Moving a mountain is simple, that by moving one rock at a time with enough persistence and consistence I have all the abilities and knowledge required to accomplish this task. How hard could it be? Think about it, all I have to do is pick up one stone a day and over time I will see those stones become a small mound. Given enough time you begin to see a hill and over years I can see a mountain take shape.

So why is moving my mountain so difficult? I may be trying to move too fast by taking too big of a boulder at one time. I may have to break it into smaller movable chunks. I need may to ask for help. Maybe I lose my focus.

This is the same for our goals in life.

  1. Define what is your mountain?
  2. Are you trying to move too big of a boulder?
  3. Do you need to ask for help?
  4. Did you get bored and lose your focus

Go back and review your journal, if you are not journaling then start.

Remember being successful could be boring, it is about those small daily habits mixed with planning and the reminder we can make progress each day.

Now it is your turn to move your mountain