Learning from mistakes is better than never moving forward.

What a backdrop with the Capital Building to my left and Darrell K. Royal Stadium to my right. Hanging out in Austin for NSA’s Winter Conference.

It is wonderful as you begin to understand your strengths and weaknesses. One of my traits is I am a fast moving guy. This in it’s self can be a good thing or could be bad.

Let’s look at the bad first. Historically a large percentage of people become palatalized with fear by over analyzing. The act of thinking too much gives themselves time to say why the topic will not work, excuses. While thinking about a project is good, there is a time when you go for your results.

Now let’s review what happens if you move fast and take action. You could experience failure this is part of success. Most of us have failed and have learned valuable lessons during this process. Remember this phrase “we only learn two ways pain or pleasure”.

Most of my biggest successes have come out of failure.

I will continue to move fast, we all have an unknown expiration date. I want to take advantage of the time I have and get the most out of my days.

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