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  • Available for keynotes, seminars, workshops, and breakout sessions
  • Large and small groups
  • Business, organizational and civic meetings, programs and conferences

His distinctive message resonates with audiences nationwide.


Tim Marvel inspires individuals to believe they can make the most of their lives. His 10 Seconds Daily process excites audiences to believe they can achieve their most important business or personal goals. Tim Marvel’s keynote, seminar, workshops, and breakout messages not only motivate, but offer simple, easy to achieve daily action plans.


After recovery from a life-altering head trauma, Tim was ignited to make the most of everyday. The simple, day to day, goal-oriented process he developed to produce incremental daily progress, ultimately opened the doors to success. This deeply inspiring experience sparked a passion to share his life-changing process and insights with others, and so was born 10 Seconds Daily.


Focused on this empowering new approach, Tim Marvel gets audience members thinking how they too can personally “take back their lives”. He inspires audiences to believe in their own capacity for success and shows them how they can start a simple daily action plan to get there.

Inspired Comments
from Speaking Engagements

You are an inspiration to all of us and I want thank you for your fine performance. As I mentioned in Palm Springs, I wish everyone would deliver the results you do.
Finbarr J. O’Neill


Tim Marvel presents several topics, which can be customized to meet the specific needs of your organization or the theme of your meeting.

  • Communications
  • First Impressions
  • Finding Your Vision
  • Realistic Goal Setting and Planning
  • It’s All About State of Mind
  • Tools for Moving Forward
  • What Can You Do with 10 Seconds Every Day?

Common Themes

Regardless of the topic of your presentation, attendees will feel the spark of possibilities, and they will gain tangible, actionable and measurable ideas to help them nurture and achieve their goals.

  • Essential communication tools
  • Nurture the right attitude
  • The power of journaling
  • Make the right first impression
  • Step out of the comfort zone
  • Make daily progress
  • Establish a daily habit
  • And much more

Taking It to the Next Level

After firing up your attendees with the possibility of their potential, Tim Marvel can also help you take it to the next level. Together, you can build organization-wide momentum toward any goal.

Based on the 10 Seconds Daily principles, Tim Marvel offers executive, management and owner level consulting services to build actionable processes, which grow daily improvements into organizational successes.

He also offers training workshops for team members; super charging each participant’s commitment to professional growth and guiding them along simple, achievable pathways to larger organizational goals.

For information on customized fees and availability, call 214-801-0903.

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