Every day is a gift

My wife and I were in San Diego last year. We were walking down the boardwalk area with lots of restaurants and the tourist stops. You know what I am talking about, the vendors. We had our hand writing analyzed, grabbed some ice cream and came upon one of those “I can tell your future” and we thought for fun we would adventure in and see.

I don’t know if a person can really tap into your energy and tell you what to expect in the coming years. I can not remember what my future was destined to be according to this woman.

Seven months ago the vet told Jake had lung and liver cancer and may have six months left. Last week we took Jake, he is our 15 year old Boarder Collie to the vet. The vet informed us the time was near, maybe day to day.  It is difficult to hear or even tell by watching him. He is so full of life.

We have known for months and we also knew there would come a day to day point. The knowing changes everything and is very difficult emotionally. Let’s face it, none of us are getting out of this life alive, we all perish. But knowing the time is near changes so much.

I can’t decide if I am glad to know to allow preparation, or if it would be easier emotionally if I did not know. The thought that comes to mind is one of my most common sayings “everyday is a gift”. This statement has never been more true.

So as long as we have our time to share with Jake I am taking care of my responsibilities and then rushing home to hang out, go for walks and spoil my friend. It has changed my habits and I am fine with the changes to allow more time. This morning was a good morning, we got to take a walk, how many more do we have?

No matter if it is a parent, friend or a pet remember these words. Most of us do not know when the time will come. Live with no regrets.

Everyday is a gift.

Prayers for our family, thank you.

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