I think I have made a mistake! Halt the presses….

For the past year I have blogged without pictures or video (for the most part). This could be an error and could cause people to not visit or read my blog. I may have to change the way I have posted the last 300 blog posts.

I heard a speaker this morning discuss being memorable. His name was Tim Durkin, CSP and it was at the North Texas – National Speakers Association monthly meeting. He said, “make it visual to make it memorable”. As I thought about his statement it became clear that I could be doing a better job for you.

Tim said the percentage was close to 60%, the NLP class I took a few years ago said up to 80% of all people have a visual communication style. They hear more with their eyes than they do with their ears.

Remember the old breakdown of communication 5-8% the spoken words, 30-38% is the tone of our voice, and 50-55% is our body language.

Do you see how visual we all are?

So in order to move forward I will begin to use more pictures and videos for your viewing pleasure.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.