How time flies… Let’s go back and review some of the highlights from the past six years. Let’s set the stage first.

Six years ago I had never written a book, I now have seven. They are not best sellers, they are however published for sale and have sold a few. I can’t tell you how much I have learned spending the time to complete these projects. Each book drawing me closer to being more successful.

Six years ago I had never blogged, now I have blogged more than 300,000 words. No, I don’t get thousands of viewers each day, but I can’t tell you how much I have learned about myself by consistently spending ten minutes here and thirty minutes to put these thoughts on paper.

Six years ago I had never been on YouTube, now I have close to 600 videos housed with close to 15,000 views. No, no I have not tried to sell them, or monetize the site. Each video an opportunity to share. I can’t tell you how much I have learned.

Six years ago I had not attended: an Academy for speaking professionals, an NLP Class, National Level Conferences, been a board member of a professional organization or collected a prestigious certification. I did not have a fully functional web site, and editor, a graphic artist and IT/Web master or hundreds of new friends.

It has been a busy six years for me. Each word written, blogged, videoed moving me forward to the life of my dreams.

I hope you have a plan. Six years too long, then make a one year plan. Not enough time to do all you need to do then make it a ten year plan. The goal is to move forward each day.

Thanks for joining me today.