There is always a beginning, and an end. The words of the great Og Mandino keep coming to mind, “and this too shall pass”. I know in order to grow mentally, physically or professionally I have to move one direction or another.

As I am winding down my time with my current employer I reflect on how fortunate having had the time and shared experiences and the opportunities in front of me. In order to realize future opportunities I have to leave what has been a great learning field for me. Sometimes we have to look deeper than the surface to find the value of our time.

Traveling for years as an individual, having conducted sales training and workshops around the country. Loved that time and the experience. In the past year I was given the opportunity to work in a completely different setting with a group of experienced trainers at a corporate university. My role changed drastically, and honestly I struggled in the beginning until I began to understand this would be a valuable learning lesson.

Success is not a straight line, there will be some obstacles and detours along the way. Don’t lose sight of your goals because it is not happening as you had planned. Keep moving forward even when it seems you are off track, move back in the right direction. If you will remain persistent in the pursuit of what drives you, you will find success.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.

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