Do you think you have mastered the art of goal setting?

If you feel you have gotten better then maybe it is time to look a little further out than just a year. They say a good goal should scare you and not just a little, it should scare the heck out of you.

About 16 years ago my wife and started setting 5 year plans (goals). Our first plan took us from having $90,000 in credit card debt, living in an apartment as we paid down the credit card debt. It changed our lives in a major way.

Our next 5 years moved us into a condo as we began learning how to save for our future.

Our next 5 year plan was go get into a little house and continue to save money for the future.

The next 5 years found us in an even bigger home, fully updated and planning for our retirement.

We will soon hit our 17th anniversary and have set even bigger goals for the future. If you are following you can see I my goals reached 20 years although we have not been together that long. What happened when we set the goals is we always accomplished what we set out to complete in less time than we allowed.

It could be we were not good at setting goals, or maybe we made a little more income than we estimated. When it was all said and done it was about the results for us.

Take some time and think about what could be, make a plan, document it and see what happens. I double-dog dare you…

Thanks for planning your future with me today.

See you next time.