Live fully, like it's the last time.

How do you ever know it will be the last time?

Being in my fifties I can tell you the last times have began building up.

They come in all areas of our lives and they begin to give you pause in the day at times understanding when you say good bye it could be the last time.

I have adopted the saying “everyday is a gift”. I try to live by this standard with hopes of easing the difficult times that come to each of us. The passing of a parent, sibling, or the passing of a loved pet.

I ask myself how a dog could stir more emotion then the passing of a person. Then in the quiet of my morning walk it came to me. The depth of our pain has to deal with the depth of the emotional tie.

Today the vet will arrive at two in the afternoon and it will be the last time.

For me the lesson of the day is don’t take your days for granted. Take your Dad fishing, hug your spouse a little tighter and tell your friends how much you love them.

Unlike Jake we do not know when it will be the last time.

Rest in peace my loved companion. You will be greatly missed.

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