It was January 21, 1993, I was on an airplane flying to Las Vegas. A self proclaimed bachelor for life. Little did I know what would happen on that winter day.

While on the two hour ATA Fun Jet Flight I noticed an attractive woman. Ok, she was a little hottie! My thoughts were always short term, have a little fun, no harm, no foul after all we were both adults.

Fast forward a few months to the dating game, and it was a game on both sides. Little did I know I had met the female me. We were attracted to each other, but were both a mess. I did not understand how relationships worked. Having  a failed marriage and never grasping the concept of unconditional love, this was a struggle.

At one point out of frustration I announced “I’m getting a dog”. I thought if I can take care of a dog then I can figure out a relationship. A dog would be easy! Feed him, give him a place to stay, he could be my buddy.

It did not take long for me to begin to understand responsibility. The dogs were much better than I, and they were constantly teaching me lessons about love.

The truth is without the dog teaching me about unconditional love I would never have the marriage I have today. I noticed the dogs gave me loving attention at every opportunity. The more love and gratitude they showed, the more I wanted to give them. They had me wrapped around their little paws.

The lesson was about the gratitude. The more they gave, the more I gave and thus with relationships. In a marriage the more you give, the more you get. It works the same in business.

Thank you for the gift of unconditional, un-judgmental, gratitude filled love, it makes me a better man everyday.