See how this applies to your life and relationships.

Think back to the best relationships you have ever experienced.

They were exciting and fun as you share your time and got to know the each other.

As time passed they became part of your life in short, small steps. It happens with people and with our pets. They become family.

With great sadness this week I say good bye to my Jake. My loyal, trusty, faithful friend. He is not gone yet and the reality and sadness has not set in. But it is time to do the right thing for him. His bones are frail and age has taken it’s toll.

At my desk I look behind my chair remembering how many times I sat in this exact spot with Jake napping at arms length. When I turned the light on he would quietly enter the room only asking for a treat or two for his services. I was always comforted to know he was there. A constant eye as I toiled for hours on the computer. Sometimes it was 4 a.m. and others mid-night. It never mattered to my friend, he was there.

How many conversations we shared, his communications always in his eyes and the wagging of his tail.

Even while napping he would lift his head and check to see if I were still there. Once confirmed he would resume his nap until 8:30 when his buddy, his grandma would get up. He would wander off for a bite of banana only to return sometimes within minutes and take his rightful position beside me.

Those of you whom follow my posts know about Jake and you know how much his companionship has met to me over the fifteen years we have shared. In 2015 we created Bark in the Park and every Sunday we shared stories and lessons. Many of those years with our other buddy, Blanca which passed away April 2014. She has not been forgotten. They were quite a team.

This week will be devoted to Jake, the “Bark in the Park Dog”. I hope to share some of the lessons he taught me which makes him so special. Things like unconditional love, consistency and passion. He helped shape the person I am and I could never repay him however hard I tried.

Never underestimate the power of a dog’s love and the effects it could have on your life.

Today I share the last edition of “Bark in the Park”.

Jake, you are loved.

I pray as one of God’s creatures there is a Rainbow Bridge and we will meet again.

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