Remembering Jake And The People We Spend Our Time With (You)

01 Jul 2016

The picture about was Jake and I going for our last walk.

I have heard it said our habits are direct reflection of the five people we spend most of our time with.

What I believe is Rockie and I are spending our time with some quality people. If you are reading this, it is you.

This week has not been easy for my family, however the interaction from so many people is helping us cope. Every post from the people whom shared “Bark in the Park” and friends who just wanted to share their understanding words to the blog views totaling more than 2,500 and the countless emails, and notes. Everyone counts, thank you.

Nothing can take away the hurt, and grieving following such a great loss. That being said it warms my heart to know the kind of people we associate ourselves with.

There is a link to the memorial page and I would love to see as many posts as we can get remembering my dear companion. Click

Leave a note, have you enjoyed a few of Jake’s Bark in the Park videos, many people speak of feeling like they knew Jake, or if you just know us leave us a note we can keep it?

My lesson for today is this, when you live a life of gratitude it comes back three-fold.

I am a glass half-full guy and always try to find the positive. Some find it strange for me to always look to the brighter side of things. This week at my low point I had so many people tying to lift my spirits through texts, emails, calls checking in with encouragement.

I am amazed at the number of people comforting my family.

Last night was quietly painful and about mid-night as I was trying to sleep I got a text, the words eased my  mind and helped me move closer to my new normal, closer to closing my eyes on a quiet night.

Jake should be with Blanca romping around the Rainbow Bridge free of pain and looking down on me. Still painful, still raw but moving forward each day.

After all it is the way life works, it is not always easy. But as the old Beatles song “Help, I need somebody” and my friends were there in groves.




  1. John Guhn Says: July 1, 2016 at 11:02 am

    Over 35 years ago I attended a motivational seminar when I was in the automobile industry and I wish I could remember the speakers name because he said something that had the most dramatic, long lasting and positive effect on my life than anything else since then. He said, “We become the average of the 10 people we spend the most time with, so choose those people wisely!” Since THAT VERY day I followed that advice as religiously as possible and it has had an incredible positive effect in all aspects of my life since! Going forward another 15 or so years, Tim and I had a chance to work together and I was always impressed with his upbeat attitude and commitment to helping people. Over the last few years we had a chance to reconnect and I’ve kept up with his blog about his incredible marriage, his business and his love and relationship with his last two dogs. Although we rarely get a chance to spend time face to face, due to his and my extremely busy schedule, (always in different directions), just the reading of his blog and books have placed him in my my top 10 that I spend the most time with and his positive influence has placed him near the top of those 10!

  2. Tim and Rockie-it is never easy to say goodbye to our fur babies. I heard someone say that the only bad thing about dogs is that they have such short lives. Probably from one of your posts. It is true their lives are short but always very meaningful to those who love them. The best we can do is to love them while they are here and to love them enough to let them go when the time comes.

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