I have read and written many times about having seasons in our lives. Seasons for relationships, spiritual journey, focus on work or promotion and so on.

Recently I was reading the book called Finding Your True North by Anne Bruce. I was surprised when completing an exercise that was leading me down the road to answer question on how these seasons have shown up in my life.

Here is what I found.

In late fall of 2014 I had a medical procedure The procedure and recovery took me about two weeks total. I was literally in bed for a week. Being a very proactive person the thought of being in bed for that long was terrifying, I would be bored out of my mind.

I began by cleaning up a lot of small lose ends. Taking time to think and make decisions I had been putting off. Once I was done cleaning those cobwebs out of my mind I began to plan and read and write. I may of done the best planning of my life in those two weeks. The picture was now clear with a good to-do list to lead me.

Bottom line, I unplugged from all of the distractions for just a few days and re-set my future. Now this re-set did not last forever, actually it lasted about eight months. In those eight months I was able to accomplish more than ever imagined. I know planning for the upcoming months and years I need quiet time with my vision.

You can look to the future and build your life with the choices you make, however you should have a plan. You do not have to always be fighting from behind.

Take a re-set and make some great plans.

Next year can be the best ever.