One of the greatest crew chiefs and most successful car owners in the history of NASCAR. That is how the first line in his resume reads. The accomplishments are broken down to specifics such as three time NASCAR Cup Champion, 51 wins in 216 races, voted “Greatest Crew Chief of All-Time.

If success leaves a trail, I’m following this guy.

He was speaking about and shared 12 good definitions, here is one for today:

True CHAMPIONS are made not born.  CHAMPIONS are made in adversity, Bad days, problems, heartaches, and losses are all necessary elements in molding a CHAMPION.

I am not telling you I enjoy failing or making mistakes. What I will tell you is some of the best lessons I have learned came out of struggle, errors and failures.

What is not discussed is what you do when you do struggle or fail.

We all know we have to show up every day in order to make something happen.

I would say if you have a bad day week or month brush your pants off and move forward. Be excited for a new challenge or opportunity.

You have to be like a quarterback who had an interception.

Get up, huddle up, and run the next play.

Put me in coach!

Thank you for spending a few minutes with me today.