Make the most of every relationship, every time.

During the winter months I love living in Dallas most of the season. I recall one Saturday afternoon out enjoying a walk with my good friend Stu Schlackman. We were comfortable in tee shirts and shorts with the temperature in the seventies.

Little did we know how quickly the temperature would drop. In fact by the time the sun set, the temperatures were dropping below thirty and by sunrise the temperatures were in the middle-teens.

It is amazing how quickly the temperatures changed.

I believe our lives can change just as quickly. In a day everything can change and we never know when.

I have a couple challenges for you.

  1. Number one, never leave your house without telling your loved ones your true feelings.
  2. Never leave unsaid words linger.
  3. Chose forgiveness over petty issues.

These may seem simple when you are in a hurry, but take the time it takes.

I spent a few days with my brother just before an operation several years ago. I lost my brother within a week of the operation due to a blood clot. I did get the best gift of his time I could have hoped. We hung out and just talked.

Now as I watch my parents aging it reminds me all too much to tell them how I feel and cherish every moment we get.

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