Collecting information versus putting into actions.

Last year was a year for quantity for me. Last year I grew more, learned more, experienced more, adventured more than any year in my  memory.

Life is full of seasons. Last year was a season of learning for me. It was a year of taking in a great deal of information and of growth.

This year is going to be a season of taking much of the information gained and putting an action plan together to maximize the impact on my life to share with others.

I have a six year plan to be a motivational speaker. I set several basic goals believing achieving them would set me up for success. Those basic goals were 1 book a year, 100 videos (in YouTube), and a daily blog.  The end of year one was not successful with those tasks. 0 books, 81 videos uploaded, the blog was the big success. End of year two 6 books self-published, 297 videos uploaded, and a successful blog.

I am now into year three. What are my expectations? 2 quality books, 200 additional videos, and blog 5 days a week, and start a vlog, continue to develop website, and legally protect my logo.

It sounds like I am backing off if comparing to the accomplishments of last year. Truth is I want to do a better job as I learn. Doing a quality job may take longer and investing my time may be the most important effort to make.

I would not have believed had you told me two years ago I would have a functioning website, 6 books, 400 videos and a blog having over 120,000 page views . Remember my goal for 6 years was 6 books, 600 videos.

Remember there are many seasons in life, there are seasons for learning, growing, adventuring. Where are you?

If you find value share this information and have a great day.

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