Principles of 10 Seconds Daily Approach

  • Simple process
  • Anyone can succeed
  • Supports any goal

I Took Back My Life in Just 10 Seconds a Day. You Can, Too!


After a life-altering cycling accident left me with severe head trauma, I set off on a path of determination and inspiration to claim back my life.


I realized that to reach my goal, I had to build upon small, incremental successes– at first, second by second, then minute by minute, hour by hour and day by day.


I realigned my thinking and actions to create a highly effective incremental process to rebuild my life. Inspired by what I learned, I now share my 10 Seconds Daily process with you.

Fundamentals of the 10 Seconds Daily Process

  1. Start by committing to invest 10 seconds of your time each day.
  2. In those few seconds make a reasonable decision about moving forward.
  3. Document your decision.
  4. Take the smallest action each day on your decision.
  5. Surround yourself with a positive, encouraging support structure.
  6. Be accountable for decisions and actions.
  7. Reward yourself.
  8. Pay attention to information, ideas and new possibilities that “coincidentally” appear regarding your goals.
  9. Make another small reasonable decision that builds on the previous ones, document it, act on it,  and be accountable.
  10. Actively seek more insight and get support from an “Accountability Partner”.  Tim Marvel and the 10 Seconds Daily website can help!

Get All the Insight and Support You Need