I have endured more than an hour of verbal nonsense, name calling, and grand standing ignoring the moderator to direct the conversation back to the topics of their choice.

I am amazed how we can have these debates and never get real, truthful answers.

Listening to the Presidential Debate, it reminds me of Jr High School with the body language, noises, and facial actions.

These are our presidential candidates, one of these two will be leading our country.

I have not heard enough of the real issues. Am I the only one lost wondering what is the real truth?

As I head to bed my mind circles wondering what the future holds for our country.

Say a prayer to your God for the candidates, the government, our friends, family and love ones for the right outcome.

Looking forward to the vice-presidential debate, maybe we can get more answers.

Have a great day and thank you for spending time with me today.