Behind every point of overwhelm there's something to be thankful for.

Traveling all week and finally arriving home late Thursday night, tired from the road I drop my computer bag on the floor in my office. Paperwork and receipts from the last few days safely tucked away in one of the many pouches of the bag. I tell myself to deal with the mess in the morning.

5AM Friday morning arrives and time to clean up the mess created by stuffing papers into a bag. My goal is to start clean again in another city on Monday of the coming week. Filing, making copies, emails, travel arrangements, notes, empty email in-box the list goes on and on each week.

I don’t believe you have to travel to feel a little frustrated with the piles accumulating on your desk. The piles never seem to go away. Where does all the paper come from and where does it go? The papers all have meaning. Some are about the money spent for supplies and others are for the travel expenses incurred. Either way we must handle each receipt as cash.

We have been talking about being thankful and today is no different. When I look at my desk the frustration could be overwhelming. The thoughts of never getting ahead of the mounds of papers never seeming to end.

I chose to take a different path with my thoughts. I feel thankful to have the opportunities generating this paperwork while busy at work.

Quite simply I am thankful for my job.

Remember your job gives you the ability to make an income. In most cases it allows us to eat, sleep and entertain ourselves covering our expenses. Paying for college for the kids and the cars we drive.

Have you been asking yourself what you are thankful for? If not, this would be a great time to start. You could surprise yourself with what you find.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

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