I was out for my daily walk and I came upon a shinny penny face up on the sidewalk in front of me. When ever I see a penny on the ground I always, always think of what my dad told me years ago. He said never pass up a penny, stop bend over and pick it up, they will all add up over time.

You may think I was talking about money, after all that is how this conversation started. I am actually talking about knowledge. Every chance you get go out of your way to learn what ever nugget you can collect and over time, just like the penny’s collected they become more valuable over time. None of the pennies are worth more than the others, they all carry value.

As we get older and collect all the information collected we become wiser.

Make sure you are stopping to pick up the pennies of opportunity along the way moving you forward to the life you desire.

You should think about what you want every day, keep it close and stay engaged. The opportunities will present them to you.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.