You want the most out of next year then follow these few steps.

  1. Buy a calendar.
  2. Write in ink the vacations.
  3. Write in ink the holidays.
  4. Write in ink the personal commitments you know happen each year (Birthdays/Holidays).
  5. Write in ink some personal time off.

There are more things you can write on your calendar such as your goals, or if you travel for work.

The truth is we plan more for work then we do for our own personal time. It seems to me we may have it backwards. Work is easier because there is always expectations of where you are going to be or what you should be doing.

When you get to your personal life at times we don’t plan on that time off, or the long weekend.

My vacation request is already written for next year. My trips are planned and before the end of the year I will pay for the travel and hotels for the trips planned.

The most important investment, tool or project you can work on is yourself.

Pick up your calendar and plan some fun. We already know we are going to work, that is a given.

Oh, and don’t forget to move forward today!