I started investigating the speaking industry a few years ago. One common conversation I have heard over and over the past few years is pick a lane. The message was clear, if you are going to speak you need to have a specific track you would follow, who was your customer and what is your topic? The bottom line no matter how great your message is, you cannot speak to every industry at the same time. The message had to be narrowed down to a specific audience. You would never speak to salespeople like you would engineers. Your message would be lost.

Many good lessons can cross over to other industries. For you or I thoughts of picking a lane could drill down to picking what it is that you want to succeed at, or better yet what do I want to accomplish today. Success will always be about the little things.

If I want to move forward each day, ask yourself am I doing the little things or am I focused on trying to cover too much at one time? Does my effort need to be as simple as picking a direction for my effort each day?

If you are traveling down a super highway my suggestion is to pick your lane before your day starts and keep moving forward. You don’t have to cover all the lanes, just pick one and keep on moving.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.