I was visiting with some car sales professionals during a break at a training class. One of the young attendees struggled to understand the why a customer would spend more money when they could get the same product or service cheaper somewhere else. So I shared this story with him from my selling days.

I remember distinctly the gentleman came in with his daughter. They wanted to buy a new Ford Mustang. He told me up front he was going to take my price and shop me with the guy a few miles up the street. In Dallas at the time you could drive 10 miles any direction and hit a Ford Dealership, it was competitive.

They took the demonstration drive, we sat in my office. I followed my process. I collected all of their information and put them into my customer data base. I priced the vehicle and sent them on their way. I felt I had done my job. The vehicle was priced a couple hundred dollars over invoice and they seemed to like me.

As part of my process I mailed post cards to all of the customers that were in my data base every 90 days. I did not care if they had bought or stopped by for a visit. A process is something that happens every time.

I lost that Mustang deal, but two years later the gentleman shows back up to the dealership. He is approached by one of the managers and requests to speak with me. As I completed a transaction with another client I walked out to greet him. I did not remember him at first, and then he reminded me of our first meeting. He said he had bought the vehicle from the other dealership. I ask him why he would come to me if he knew he could save a couple hundred dollars up the street. He said here is a funny thing, once he bought that Mustang he never heard from that dealership again but he gets a post card every 90 days from me.

The moral of the story is have a good process to follow up. I built integrity and confidence with this man by sending a simple passive post card and it created another sale.

It is not always about price, it is about value, integrity, transparency, confidence, relationship and so much more.

My suggestion for you to move forward I have a strong process that you are committed to and follow it every time.

Thanks for joining me today.