Is there really any true stories of overnight success?

We hear it in music. A song hits the charts and the artist is considered the new up and coming artist. Or they get this great award, top new artist.

It all sounds so great.

Have you listened to some of the stories and the path these top new artist may have traveled to arrive where they are today?

Many people have heard of the Sylvester Stallone story where he sold his dog when he was living in his truck just trying to get by. I believe the story goes like that. He was homeless trying to sell his story of “Rocky”. There were a few side notes such as he wanted the lead role. We all know how that ended.

It is amazing the struggles that turn into overnight success.

This week we have talked about opportunity, luck and we seem to keep coming back to doing the work.

I am proud to hear my father always say how every one of his kids work hard. A  good work ethic will take you past most people, and paired with the right attitude you can go even further.

The one common thing about the overnight success stories is they never gave up.

KFC is an overnight success, google it and see the struggles Colonel Harland Sanders endured to eventually become successful in his sixties. He never gave up.

Are you going to be an overnight success one day?

Are you doing the work, paying the price?

I hope you are doing it “10 Seconds Daily.”