Last night I was having a discussion about a writing project with a friend of mine. Actually this friend is my editor, Lori Freeland. Not only does she edit my books we brainstorm for new ideas on how to move forward in our daily lives.

We were talking about my next book project and where I hoped to focus my attention. Somehow during this discussion we came to our purpose in life. What we liked. What we thought of ourselves as well as what others perceived us to be.

And then Lori ask the question, “what one word describes you?”

She went on to say if I could answer that question it would lead to my passion.

And if I wrote a book about my passion with stories, emotion and truth it would be a fun project for me, and people would buy it.

After I struggled for a couple of minutes thinking about all the personality profiles I had taken over the years describing me based on science. I found it difficult to find the one word I thought best described me.

I turned the question back to her asking for assistance.

She gave me her input, and it was a great place to start.

I found the conversation enlightening, positive and encouraging for me and I wanted to share those feelings with you.

Your challenge today is to ask yourself, what is the “one word” that best describes you?

Take some time, write some notes and review them later. It may take you some time to feel comfortable with your own thoughts.

If you struggle ask a friend, maybe they can give you a starting place.

Then ask yourself “are you happy with your word?”

You have the power to change it, it is the power of choice.

Thanks for joining me today!