Have you ever been off your game?

I have, the question is how did I get there and how do I get back into my routines?

When I get off my game it is normally because I am not prepared. If I am not prepared what ever the task it is going to be a struggle. As a matter of fact for me when I am not prepared I begin to get some strong emotions and I begin to question myself.  It is very frustrating and affects those people around me, and even clouds my judgements.

In most cases, what ever the task, if you ask the right questions this will eliminate some of the drama. How many of us are more comfortable when you know all the answers. Sometimes you have to ask the right questions.

Getting back in routines is simple, just do it.

To me it is like dieting, I am going to miss a day here and there. Not a big deal. Start again tomorrow. No reason to beat yourself up. Beating yourself up serves no purpose, it has more of a negative impact than if you continue to move forward.

#Brian Buffini says a set back, is a set up, for a come back, thanks Brian!

Time for me to journal, and prepare for tomorrow.

Time for me to get back in the game.