I was reading a book and came upon this story, it is not my story, but is a good one none the less.

A young man was struggling to see clearly and decided it was time to go see the eye doctor.

When he arrived the doctor greeted him and ask what he could do to assist. The young man said I am having problems seeing. Without any further questions the doctor took the pair of glasses he was wearing and placed them on you young man’s head. He said, “there, how is that, can you see better now” at the same time he reached into his desk drawer and pulled out another pair and said, “I’ll wear my spare pair and order me a new pair next week”.

The young man exclaimed, “I could see better and more clearly without your glasses”.

So did the doctor fix the problem?

Make sure you get all the information before you generate a solution. Had the doctor completed an exam he could have fitted the young man with the proper glasses. Instead he went for the simple quick fix.

  1. When you are reviewing your customer satisfaction and have an issue, do you ask enough questions?
  2. Do you throw money at issues thinking they will go away?
  3. Do you decide the resolution without finding the root cause of the issue?

So the lesson goes, not every answer will fix every problem.

Make sure you ask enough questions to understand how to resolve the issue.

Thank you and have  a wonderful day.