Draw the line and then it all goes better.

Each day I set down and look for good insight in the form of words to motivate you. My goal is to give you a vision geared to move you forward each day in what ever area of life you choose. Motivation, encouragement from short stories that I have experienced.

I spend time talking about goals and guidelines. Today I want to talk about non-negotiables.

One of my non-negotiables is that I will blog Monday through Friday about relevant topics covering your personal and professional lives. Your non-negotiables are your lines in the sand, lines you refuse to cross. I refuse to quit documenting those thoughts. It is estimated I have blogged over 250,000 words in the past 6 years.

What makes it easy is your non-negotiables are pre-determined. And because they are pre-determined it takes all the emotion and drama out of making decisions. It should make it easier for you to stay within your lines. When my blog is not prepared for the day I wake up without an alarm at 4 a.m. knowing I have a task to complete. I have not missed a scheduled blog post in the entire 6 years since taking this effort on.

The great Jim Rohn says, “the most successful people do the little things better than anyone else”. Writing a 200-250 word blog each day is a little thing. But compounding effect makes it much larger.

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