It is the first day of a three day event. Sitting in a room with close to thirty people as we began our weekly course.

As we moved through the basics of communications there was a question of “how do we listen”? This topic was only discussed for two minutes but could have easily gone for thirty based on the value to the attendees.

My mind immediately goes to the 7% words-38% tone and 55% body language.

You know it is not what you say but how you say it, right?

Think about how people approach you and the messages your brain would be telling yourself. Things such as this person is a threat, happy, sad or crazy.

My thinking was correct, however my angle was wrong.

The facilitator made the statement, “people listen more with their eyes then their ears”. He was correct, it is an amazingly true statement. I don’t know if the speaker knew how important this statement was when considering communicating.

So if the words we say are less important than our tone, and our tone is less important than our body language. We determine others body language through our eyes. WOW, I have a new twist on communications.

Thank you for visiting, I hope this gave you a new spin on an old topic.

If you communicate well and have the right attitude you can accomplish far more than you will ever understand.