I am excited and really looking forward to visiting my hometown at the end of the month. I have in the past spoken with passion about “my hometown”, when I was a teenager I could not wait to graduate and put that place in my rearview mirror. Off to the military I went, now in my 50’s I get excited, anxious to get home to see family and friends from so many year ago.

I am on a quest for wisdom this trip. I love visiting with people who have lived more than 80 years on this earth. The stories they tell of their journeys, and adventures. What they learned from the wrong turns speaking with joy and emotions of the ups and downs in life. When you are in your eighties you have lived some life  and have the right to be transparent. Your guard is down, your ego has vanished and at times you just want someone to listen.

This trip I have asked my father to let me video an interview with him. I have done several interviews over the years with a variety of people but none as important to me as this one. There are several reasons why, first it is my Dad. You know the guy many of us looked up to as kids. The giant among men that left every morning before the sun came up and returned after dark. My Dad is a man who at 16 years old with Rheumatic Fever was told he would never see 17 is 89 years old.  My Dad, who I believe took care of his Mother, Father and Brother most of their adult life.

I am excited hear some of the wisdom that comes from his 89 year journey. From someone that knows me and knows my heart. One that I have shared some of my biggest questions of life with. I get to interview and ask the questions I want to hear the most. I get to create a video to have forever of just my dad and me.

Maybe the wisdom is just for me and you may see no value. What if you interviewed your Dad, what would you ask?

Sometimes there are nuggets of gold in those conversations, a simple suggestion moving me forward to be a better man.

Thanks again for joining me today.