I have read stories of musicians that lose their prized instruments just before a big sold out show and must find a way to preform using borrowed instrument. Many of the stories describe these professionals as worried the music will not be as good on a different instrument only to find they out preform their own expectations and have the performance of their life.

It happens to trainers and speakers all the time. We have a power point, speakers or some other technical issue and we have to go to plan “B” only to find it works out much better than the original plan.

We get comfortable with the routines of our day.

Shake it up!

Look at the tasks you are preforming each day, how could you do it different, or better?

Don’t wait for an issue to challenge you, I am challenging you to get out of your comfort zone.

You could amaze yourself with the music you have within you but you will never know until you try.

Planning will lead to progress.

Have a great day.