I really enjoy training with new hires. One of the most often used techniques used is Role-Playing. What we do is ask the trainees to act as if they were in a particular situation. We want them the know what it feels like so when they are with a customer they can preform properly.

We have found when we role-play enough the anxiety and stress becomes less with the more we do.

So if this simple exercise works at work, will it not work in our personal life?

Do you ever role-play your day? Do you have a vision for success?

Put yourself in a winning posture and what kind of results would you expect?

Well, I would expect to win and my confidence will grow.

Tip for today is act as if. Role play alone or with a partner.

Remember the old saying, “repetition is the mother of all skill”.

Make sure what ever effort you put in today is moving your forward towards your dreams of tomorrow.

I have some work to do, thanks for joining me today.