Picture this, it is 5 am on a Thursday as I head out the door. I have my mp3 player playing heading to the gym to find the treadmill ready to move in to my routine with headphones and a bottled water.

For the next hour I listen to motivational life changing chatter as I churn away the steps. Listening to line after line of great ideas that charge my emotions. Oh yeah, that was a great line, and another, and another.

Have you ever been there?

What happens over the next few hours with all those great lines you encountered on that treadmill?

Did you write any of them down? Do you forget most of those great lines?

Too much of a good thing?

My lesson for today is quite simple and could save you a great deal of time. I would spend an hour a day listening to some great speakers. One morning as I visited with one of my most trusted friends I told him my routine of listening for an hour. He said an amazing, life changing statement.

Why do you listen for an hour?

I said “it is my routine”.

He said “that is too much”, “listen until you get something new write it down and put that into action”. He went on to say we may get that one great quote five minutes into our routine. If it is something good, why listen longer? By listening longer we fill our minds with great content but never put any of it into actions.

I changed my routine and now listen for the one nugget, I keep it in my thoughts throughout the day and put it into action every chance I get.  and for the rest of the hour I switch to music as a reward. Always remember you can make more money but you cannot make more time.

Listening is great, spend your time wisely.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Morning Jake, miss you.