As I look around my office I see motivational books, posters, handouts, CD’s and it reminds me of who is in charge of my life.

If I pause and think about my efforts I see even more motivation in things such as this blog, posted videos and books I have published.

As you sit in your home or office what do you see? Are there any inspiring posters, pictures or reminders about keeping a positive attitude?

I understand it would be easier at times to go with the group mentality, or go with the flow. But in the long run is it always best to go where the group is going?

One of my favorite sayings, “it is ok to live a life others don’t understand”. It is true and it always has been.

Back in the 60’s and 70’s on television there were commercials about “just say no (to drugs)”. Some one knew it was difficult to not follow the group and spent a lot of money putting that message out there.

How about you with your daily decisions? You have the power of choice and always have. Remember that your choices have put you exactly where you are today. You want a different outcome, start making different choices today.

The choices could be as simple as what you think about, in fact that is the first place you have to start. You speak to yourself more than anyone else. You believe what you tell yourself, so be careful what you say.

Make sure it moves you forward and not backwards.

You have all control!

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.