Is it true some people have more opportunity than others?

Do they have some hand in making opportunity knock at their door?

Many years ago I listened to a gentleman speak and his focus was on the books you read and the people you meet. He was adamant those two specific things could propel you further then all the effort in the world.

He would say if you never meet the right people there would be no opportunity. After all the really good jobs are generally given to someone that “knows” someone on the inside. They have a relationship with the right person.

And if you did get to speak to that person you must have the knowledge to handle the tasks at hand. Thus the books you read come into play. Are you learning on a regular basis?

I believe it is true the more active you are the more the opportunity. Your attitude plays a big part as well. If you struggle with what you have now, what makes you think you could do better if I gave you an opportunity to do more?

So the books you read and the people you meet along with the right attitude could set you up for even more success than you are having right now.

I know you want more or you would not be reading this article.

Have a great day!