Same experience, different perceptions.

A few years ago I was doing some consulting work in Boise. I arrived to the dealership early and was invited into the Manager’s meeting.

The meeting was called to order and the General Manager stood up to tell a story. He described how 100 years ago a trip from Boise to Detroit could take weeks and how he had flown out yesterday and arrived back home early this morning. And he talked about how far we have come in transportation.

He outlined his flight. He stepped us through boarding the regional jet. Inside the plane the seats were three wide. One seat, and isle and two additional seats. His ticket placed him in the middle isle seat.

Before the plane ever closed the doors he could hear the man on his right on his phone. “This was such a waste of time”, “the business is struggling and I expect this to be the worst year we have ever had”.

The man on his left was also on his phone. “Great message at a perfect time, excited to get back we have so much momentum going, this may be a record year”.

All three men were in the same meeting, so what was the difference?

Was it all in the attitude? What a man believes, what he can see is his reality.

I believe both men were right.

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