I hear a lot of people talking about their new resolutions or New Years Resolutions this time of year. Here is what I believe when I think of the meaning of a resolution:

  • Resolutions are always about choices.
  • Resolutions are goals.
  • Resolutions are sometimes dreams.
  • Resolutions are sometimes desires.
  • Most resolutions are not written down.
  • Most resolutions are not defined.
  • Most resolutions are not commitments.

Let’s look at an example using weight loss as the topic. There are thousands of dollars spent when people wanting to lose weight go to the local gym and sign up. The progress made and a box is checked off, and we feel good about ourselves and our progress, we took action. We attend a class or hit the treadmill five days the first week. Four days the next week….. By the end of the first month the newness has worn off and we have forgotten about our initial desires and we are struggling to get to the gym.

Do you see where this is going. Can you hear the conversation, “I guess I should cancel this gym membership because I am not using it”. What happened to the commitment?

Sounds a little crazy, but there is a lot of truth to the above scenario.

The challenge for us is to get out of your comfort zone. Define what, why, how and how long we plan on to work to accomplish our desired outcome. It might look like this:

  • Start date?  1 Jan 2017
  • Where are you now? 189 lbs
  • End date? 3/31/2017
  • Who else knows? Rojelia
  • Desired results? 175 lbs
  • What do you need to do different? Portion control, and more impact workouts.
  • Determine your reward. New Cycling Shoes
  • Journal Daily-only about this specific goal.

Biggest pitfall is we do not make a plan, and we don’t write it down. Your plan could look like this, or create our own outline. Write it down somewhere, make it realistic, and have an end date.

We fail when we don’t plan. Now you know.

Good luck, and you got this!

Thanks for joining me today.