David P Schwartz’s book “The Magic Of Thinking Big” dives deep into what you believe and how important the words we are telling ourselves.

He talks about your mind as a “thought factory”. He contends that your mind is working hard to produce two kinds of thoughts. Thoughts of triumph, and one of defeat. He names them Mr. Triumph, Mr. Defeat.

He continues to say that your mind matches your thoughts, and your thoughts can change quickly.

Sometimes emotions take over.

Something as simple as bad news from home. The US Naval Submarine Force believes this so strongly when a sub is out to sea they can with hold mail if they feel the news is bad and could impact a sailor. The US Navy does not want to put the crew member under stress.

Or you are driving down the highway and you get cut off, does it change your day? You wake up late for work? Or you win the lottery!

Those are examples of how quickly our emotions can change what we believe and feel. I hope you do see my point

We cannot fully control our emotions but we can control our expectations. Remember the old saying , “you can only be let down by our own expectations”.

Thanks for joining me today.