Create value for those you communicate with.

I was working on a project with my book editor recently. She is my accountability partner and helps me move forward.

We were discussing the fact I was struggling to get the right story. My books start with an introduction and lead into a story taken from my personal experience. I chose to use my stories for the authenticity.

The experiences vary from logical, such as if you follow this process you will get this result. To emotional, when this event happened I felt these emotions. In either case you must have a benefit.

My original story was all over the place with no direction. I had written on both sides of the road using both emotions and logic. I was trying to use emotions to get a logical result.  And the benefit was not clear.

When writing a story you need to pick a lane.

You need to determine will you be emotionally based or will you try to logically pull people in. The facts are you will struggle if you do not decide which one you are working towards.

Everyday we are having conversations, teaching or instructing individuals trying to get a point across. Use emotion to pull them in and relate from where they are today.

There must be a benefit for them to stay engaged with the conversation.

What will they gain?

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