Do you ever wonder at the end of the day exactly where did all my time go?

I believe very strongly in making notes throughout the day. Notes of things I need to not forget, or things I need to do, or even things I have done. The bottom line is we get busy and priorities change. Because we are constantly making these decisions each day some of the priorities right now may be replaced with another fresh item. Here is the problem, we still need to complete the old priority.

We are human, and we forget. However if I wrote my priorities down throughout the day I can complete them later.

Could you be more effective if you were able to accomplish more not forgetting the small tasks each day?

Making lists has helped me become more efficient so much I wrote a book that will soon be published on how you can use this process to capture those small insignificant tasks that get lost in the hustle of the day. 10 Seconds Daily – Success Journal

Here is a snippet of the back cover:

Success isn’t always about always winning the race.

Sometimes it’s about making progress.


Do you feel like you’re running down the wrong path, or worse, running in place or on a treadmill? You don’t have to get lost or stay stuck. There’s a way to be deliberate about where you end up. It is true we only control our attitude and effort as we make thousands of choices every day impacting our lives. It’s impossible to remember each small decision that determines where we’ll end up tomorrow, next week, next year. By making notes, we give ourselves a powerful tool of proof. We can look back and see where we went wrong and where we went right.


If you’re looking for a springboard for change, journaling might be for you.

Thanks for joining me today