As I am reading another book I find the same focus again and again.

The power of choice!

I have read so many books and they keep reminding me that the happiness we all desire is available by making the right simple choices.

There are some many opportunities every day to make the correct decisions yet we fail to take advantage of our power of choice.

We make excuses and make false claims that we do not have enough time.

Quit telling yourself those lies. Every person that has ever walked this earth has had the same number of hours, minutes and seconds in a day.

So how did they do so much more, was it luck, did they work hard, did they give up when they faced difficulty.

In many cases they failed over and again, but they went back one more time, and one more time.

How many times have you failed and never tried again?

Failure is feedback, use it to move forward.

And I am begging you to take the time and make the right decisions today.

Make the choices that build you up, and help you look at the long term.

Short termĀ visionĀ is destroying your dreams and desires.

Make good choices today.