Having strong communication skills impact every area of our lives. How good are you at listening? Spend a few minutes and review in your mind your last conversation that went well. Were you squared up and eye to eye. Did you have your backs to each other? My guess is the best conversation we have is when you were eye to eye and could see the other party you were speaking with. What do you get out of their gestures? Do they lead the conversation one direction or the other?

As I continue to learn how to communicate better I find seeing  to be more important than listening. Listening is more important than talking. There is an old saying “actions speak louder than words”.

I have posted many times the three areas of communications with a percent placed on importance. The words we speak 7%, our tone when speaking 38% and our body language being 55% (if you google communication you will get those numbers +/- a few percent).

I have also shared that we communicate more with our eyes then our mouth.

The point of today’s post is to make it clear the most important part of communications is unspoken words. When you are listening to another party speak you can see by their actions how they feel or if they are uncomfortable. You get comfortable with the conversation or not based on the level of eye contact. And if the other party turns away while talking we lose trust in the conversation.

So if  you are trying to make your point when possible ensure you are face to face. They can hear your actions..

Thanks for your time today.