Learning from the hard parts, too.

We have talked a lot about being thankful the past few weeks. Let’s not change the topic yet.

Thinking back many years ago to my early twenties I was in the Navy. I was going through a really tough time in life. Besides not making much money my personal life was a mess with a divorce and becoming an adult.

I noticed each time payday would roll around was not soon enough. As a matter of fact there was normally more month than money. We got paid every two weeks which always seemed to be too long. I never had enough money to make it to the next check.

I had a choice to learn how to survive with my current income or give up. Let’s say I did not give up. It was a choice and once I made it out of that mental quicksand I would work hard enough to never encounter the peanut butter and crackers part of my life again.

We learn from pain or pleasure. That was a very painful part of my life. The bottom line is I learned how to live within my financial limits. As I matured and understood finances managing my life became easier.

I wish I had learned earlier in life about money and food.

I am thankful for the memory of the struggles. Never forgetting what being broke felt like.

This allows me to be thankful for the results of all the hard work I have invested.

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