Come along with me on a journey to discuss personal debt and some of the many ill effects which stunted my growth for years. After all, life is about learning and moving forward.

More than twenty years ago I was a young, single hard working professional. Looking from the outside I seemed to have my life all together. I had a nice home, friends, nice cars, great health and a pretty good life all in all.

I worked many hours a week to enjoy the life I had built. However, something was missing, I was alone and lonesome. I had been divorced for more than ten years and never developed my dating skills and quite frankly I was not very good dating material.

For years dating was about me. It was uncomfortable to trust and felt like I did not deserve to share my life with someone else. I did not trust myself to be committed because I was afraid of being abandoned.

I meet a wonderful woman and as we tested the waters in the dating game we found it was very difficult. I had never been so inspired to work on my own growth, to make this relationship work. The problem was neither person was willing to trust the other because of the baggage of our pasts.

I dated my wife for  seven year until we made the life long commitment and married. By the way, the greatest single choice I have ever made.

You would think the bliss and happiness of marriage would be the end of this story.

But it is not.

There was still work to be done. Relationships are on-going hard work. Even after we said our “I dos” we had to continue to grow our relationship and build trust.

What I found to be true, is the more I trusted the right people in my life and was able to unpack the baggage and ill beliefs of my past, the stories I told myself, the better my life had become.

For more than twenty years I have made a daily effort to have a better relationship with my wife. I experience the fruits of my labor each day I spend sharing openly with her.

Let go of your ego and the past that is holding you back and move forward a little bit each day.

Forgive and assure yourself that you do deserve to be happy.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.