Over the years I have had people tell me how “lucky” I am.

I was lucky to have the job I had, or lucky to have the good boss.

I was lucky to get the right girl, my wife Rockie.

Or I was lucky to find the right home.

I always laugh to myself and think if they only knew how hard I worked for that luck!

With no college degree how in the world did I get the position I have? I have a great job and over the years my supervisors have always offered me more growth and opportunity. Hard work does pay off, but it is not easy, and had nothing to do with luck.

I have a great home that I share every chance I get with friends and family. It has a great pond two hundred yards from my front door. My office window overlooks a large park that is filled with life most days.

But I was lucky to find such a perfect place. Just so you know we searched for months and looked at a great number of homes before landing here. Even after finding the right home we had to invest a lot of time and money to make it the “lucky” home it is today.

You can call it luck. When I look back I see all the effort and planning that goes into all the luck you see.

It takes time, effort and energy to have anything you value.

I wish you all the luck in the world, don’t forget there will be work involved.