Halloween has passed, the left overs are in the refrigerator, cold turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, and turkey stuffing for another few days. The Christmas boxes have all been retrieved from the attic and the Seasonal Music is in full swing. The Christmas Tree is up and the lights are all hung. The yard is filled with lights and 8′ tall inflatables. I love this time of year.

Ah yes, it is time for one of my favorite holidays- my wife’s birthday.

Yes, wrapped up in between Thanksgiving and Christmas was the birth of the spirit of my life. Born Rojelia (no middle name) Garza.

I could tell you all those things husbands are suppose to say about their wives, they just would not be enough to express how deeply I love my wife.

My wife and I have been on a journey going on 24 years now.

We met on an airplane heading to Vegas Las an 21, 1993 and that started the favorite story of my life. We played tug of war for seven long years as we matured and learned what it was to love another person more than we loved ourselves. We accepted the growing pains although neither one of us like them. It was worth them because we knew we were the perfect pair for each other.

We married 7 years to the day, Jan 21, 2000 in Las Vegas at the Monty Carlo Hotel. We did not know what the future would bring into our lives but we were ready together.

We have had so many great times like raising our Jake and Blanca and the “world famous” Marvel parties at Christmas and the 4th of July where we get to share with so many of our friends.

From day one we have shared the desire to live the good life. We have made concessions and paid the price and as God has given us new years ahead for more adventures. We find ourselves in position with more options than we ever believed possible.

It  has been a great 24 years, that was just the beginning!

What can we do for the next 24 years? I know we will continue to move forward together.

Happy Birthday Rockie Marvel, thank you for sharing your life with me.