I attempt to always have my ears open for good information to share with you in some sort of story form each day. Today was no different. Those thoughts come from everywhere, today I listened as my Senior Pastor discussed “too much of a good thing”. He went to the extent of listing out the three things that cause most of us to struggle.

  1. Appitite
  2. Ambition
  3. Approval

He said, it is good to have ambition, unless we are obsessed (my word not his). It is fine to look for approval unless we go too far. We can have an appetite for the finer things, unless we go too far to get them. When I say we go to far it could be in our thoughts, or it could be how we obtain those things.  Let’s see if we can bring those thoughts into our work or personal life. In some cases it is difficult for me to separate those thoughts. I think about ambition and how it could be tied to approval or appetite as well.

Maybe this comes back to balance in your life as well. If you are in your twenties you could be putting all of your energy into finding the right partner, many time in your thirties you are moving up the ladder and making a name for yourself. As we move through our mid-life we begin to focus on our retirement. These are all perfectly understandable places to be.

The challenge is to be present along the way. I wished I had taken more time to see some of the places I have visited. Business travel has taken me to many places. My thoughts were always about getting the job done.

So I challenge you to be present today. If you do not travel for work it is just as important to “be present” with those people you chose to spend your time with.

Thanks for spending a few minutes with me today.