Plan your work and work your plan.

More then 7 years ago I sat in my office and made some bold plans, some life changing plans. It was about writing books, blogs and videos. It included changing occupations and becoming independent and spending more time with my family. They were big, scary goals, and would change almost every aspect life with the actions in the six year plan. Please notice it was six years, not six days or six weeks or even six months but six years.

My goal did not change my principles or my beliefs, only the use of my time. And remember we all have the same amount of time each day.

I do believe you can create a good life, although it takes effort, time and persistence. It does not take higher education, it does take action. Far too many of my friends have made statements like, sure wish I could get off the road, or I wish I were as lucky as you. My comment is always the same, “let’s sit down and talk about it”. Over the years not one of my friends have taken me up on this offer. It was free, honest, and proven. Yet, they still passively give up the days of their life giving up some great opportunities.

There is no secret to success. Here are the ingredients: develop a vision, make a plan, take action even when things are not going your way (stay the course), put the effort in, and always be intentional with your time. You can regroup, remember where you started.

I have found the need to get up most mornings at 4:30AM to allow me to accomplish all the tasks each day. Most days are mapped out, and my calendar for the next year has taken shape and filled up for the entire next year. What would it take to change your outcome, to get what you want out of life?

My only fear is that when I am in my last days that I look back with regrets on the chances and actions I did not take.

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